Frequently Asked Questions

I am computer illiterate. It took me forever just to get on the Internet and I hate learning new programs. How easy is this to use?
NewsNet Pipeline is so easy that you don't really have to "learn" it. We do the setup for you! Once your system is installed, merely type in your news articles and calendar dates and the program does the rest.

So all we do is enter our events and push a button to send out the newsletter to our list?
No -- you don't even have to "push a button!" You tell us how often you'd like the newsletter sent out (weekly, monthly, whatever) and then sit back. The letter will automatically be sent out without any prompting from you or a staff member!

It sounds like a great idea once it's all set up, but won't it be a nightmare for one of our volunteers or paid staff to type in all those names and email addresses?!
You want your program operational from Day One. So do we! That's why we will input, at no extra charge, any names and email addresses that you have on disk or electronic file that you can email to us at the time of installation. We will put them in your system so you can use them immediately.

Can we include color pictures or graphs?
Of course! In fact, that is one of the best reasons to get onto the NewsNet Pipeline. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. One simple graph can convey the same information as several paragraphs of explanations. No more boring newsletters and updates in text formats for your HTML subscribers.

I'm not sure that we have enough members to justify the cost.
You may put any names you like on your e-mail list. That means that you can add, at no extra cost, prospective members. Without a tool such as NewsNet Pipeline, you would be spending money on printing and postage to try to attract new members. Now you can attract new members at no additional cost!

But not all of our members have an e-mail address.
You may print out a copy of your newsletter and have copies made as you do now for those without an e-mail address. Internet growth is exploding, however, and you'll find that many of your members who don't have an e-mail address now, will soon.

This would be a good program for an active group with many contributors, but our group is pretty lazy. I'm not sure that people would be sending in the information.
All the more reason to hook up to the NewsNet Pipeline. Communication can turn apathy into inspiration.

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